Monday, January 28, 2013

Straight Talk Wireless : CRAPPY SERVICE

Walmart usually is pretty good at selling quality products. Straight Talk Wireless is NOT worthy of any company. They NEVER work corecctly and there staff always has an EXCUSE. If your smart stay FAR AWAY from Straight Talk Wireless.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Sail Credit Card Processing OUT OF BUSINESS

You heard it here FIRST, Sail Credit Card Processing is getting OUT of the business because of PERSONELL Problems...... Other business I work with had been asking and now we know.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sams Club does Credit Card Processing

A free Sams Club MEMBERSHIP & a cheaper rate than Sail & Square. A WIN WIN for credit Card Processing. Don't get stuck with a SUBstandard Credit Card Processing Company like SAIL or SQUARE.....

Sail Mobil Credit Card Processing: RUN AWAY FAST

I signed up for Sail Credit Card Processing. I received my Card Swiper and a status CONFIRMATION.  Started Running Charges, roughly $1000 in 3 days. Now the RUB

Sail sends an E-mail wanting to verify me and REFUSING to transfer MY MONEY into my Company account. I'm told to call: This little squeaky voiced thing said they needed more info or I wasn't getting my money.

I asked why NOW, and not BEFORE being APPROVED????? No answer. They then required I FAX a INVOICE from one of the sales or I'd GET NO MONEY.

I faxed the Invoice but still nothing. This company needs help and there staff is BULL. They said they called but my phone didn't work. BULL

I wouldn't do business with people with integrity's of NAZIS. because you may not GET YOUR MONEY.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nazi Germany AGAIN,,,, the GOP

Now the Florida Republicans have deemed the Florida Supreme Court as HOSTILE and they should be FIRED !!!! This is our ONLY Checks & Balances and now The Republican Party wants to CONTROL the COURTS. This is what occurred in NAZI GERMANY right before the World Wars. SCARY SCARY.....

Gov. Rick Scott is a THIEF

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cyber Scum....A NEW LOW

A new LOW for the SCUM. These less than human people are now calling you by phone. If you go to check there ID someone on the blog (where the phone number is listed) blames a certain company ie… When you go to you get injected with the Blackole Virus,,, a TROJAN.
Now the Scum are in your PC. These scum will be fun to waterboard or ARREST..   Now you see how easy it is to steer people to viruses.
The phone number came from 849-963-4853. They SPOOF the Phone Number and BINGO they’ve GOT YOU…..

Don't forget to visit http:www.AbacusComputer.US  is INJECTING VIRUSES          WARNING...............

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dewey Caruthers THIEF & LIAR

Dewey is running VARIOUS businesses out of 5825 27th Ave South in GulfPort ( NO OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE) . Deweys an EXPERT in EVERYTHING even though he's not CERTIFIED and his lack of EDUCATION is not fooling ANY ONE. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY Grad HA HA HA.....

This College is gfh accredited . Like I said his LACK OF EDUCATION. He's running his business out of his home, after losing the lease on his other house.  

Our company was contracted to sell a NEW Monitor and debug the computers for viruses from the porn websites. As soon as he recieved the merchandice & service he put a stop payment on the check. Prosecution is now ONGOING.

Remember, he's a LIAR, THIEF and his DEGREE is really just a PAID FOR Degree Mill.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Locked out of Microsoft Vista ????

I've just perfected a method to allow Vista's that previously didn't have, or would not install the Administrator. Vistas aren't much good with out an administrative rights. For some reasons people remove the Administrator which is not good. Contact Us At Abacus Computer St. Pete.

Visit us at : www.AbacusComputer.US

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Dell Password Authenication System is FIXED

After a week we Finally CRACKED the Dell Password Authentication System in the BIOS. It took awhile but we GOT IT......

Visit us at  www.AbacusComputer.US

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